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Review Volume


The epiSTEME Reviews --- Research Trends in Science Technology and Mathematics Education, Volume 4 is published as a book and CD version. 

epiSTEME 4 Review Volume

Cover Pages

Title and Copyrigts


1. Introduction --- Sugra Chunawala and Meena Kharatmal

Strand 1 Historical, Philosophical and Socio-Cultural Studies of Education: Implications for Education

2. Contingent versus Constitutive Views of the Sociality of Scientific Inquiry  --- Helen Longino

3. Multi-science Perspectives and Implications for Science Education: Reflections from Japan’s Experiences --- Masakata Ogawa

4. Navigating the New World, Not Brave, But Changing --- Susantha Goonatilake

Strand 2 Cognitive and Affective Studies

5. Why Knowing What’s Wrong Matters as Much as Knowing What’s Right  --- Jonathan Osborne

6. Research on the Learning of Fractions and Multiplicative Reasoning: A Review --- K. Subramaniam

7. Early Education for Spatial Intelligence: Why, What and How --- Nora S. Newcombe and Andrea Frick

Strand 3 Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies

8. Creativity Through Design and Technology --- David Barlex

9. Teacher Education and Classroom Practice in India: A Critique and Propositions --- Poonam Batra

10. Physics Education Research: Transforming Classrooms, Teaching and Student Learning at the Tertiary Level --- Pratibha Jolly

11. In Pursuit of Excellence: Developing a Framework for Post High School Education --- Shashikumar M. Chitre

12. Contributors 



Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education.



Chunawala S. & Kharatmal, M. (Eds.). (2013). The epiSTEME Reviews --- Research Trends in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, Volume 4. India: Narosa.




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