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Strands & Themes

 Strand 1. Historical, Philosophical and Socio-cultural Studies of STM: Implications for Education

Theme 1: History and Philosophy of STM

Theme 2: Socio-cultural and Gender Issues in STME

Theme 3: Science and Technology Studies


Strand 2. Cognitive and Affective Studies of STME



Theme 1: Visuo-spatial Thinking

Theme 2: Knowledge Representation

Theme 3: Language and Learning

Theme 4: Problem Solving, Learning and Reasoning


Strand 3. Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies in STME

Theme 1: Assessment and Evaluation

Theme 2: Role of ICT in Teaching-Learning

Theme 3: Classroom Interaction and Discourse

Theme 4: Affective Aspects of Learning

Theme 5: Professional Development of Teachers

Theme 6: Educational Initiatives and Innovations


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