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The schedule of epiSTEME 4 conference will have inaugural talk, review talks, paper sessions, poster session, panel discussions.

Apart from these academic programes, there will be evening activities, sight seeing, cultural programme, banquet, popular talks, film shows.

There will be 10 review talks. Each review talk will be for 60 minutes with discussion (45 minutes talk and 15 minutes for discussion).

There will be 10 paper sessions throughout the conference. Each paper session will comprise of 4-5 paper (oral) presentations.

The time allotted for each oral presentations is 20 minutes. The presentation time is 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes for a summation by chair/questions by the audience).  The chair of the session would decide whether each paper in the session would be followed by discussion or whether the discussions would be clubbed together after all the presentations of the session are complete.

There will be a 2 hour poster presentation session. In this session, there are 22 posters selected. The presenters will explain their posters and interact with the conference participants during this time. Please check the poster guidelines for preparing posters.

Facilities provided for sessions: Laptop, LCD projector, PA system, Poster panels (each of 6' X 4' dimension).


Conference Program

Tentative schedule

List of Papers for Paper (Oral) Presentation

List of Papers for Poster Presentation








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