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Strand II -- Cognitive and Affective Studies of STME

Students as Users and Designers: Product Evaluation and Redesign by Indian Middle School Students

Farhat Ara, Chitra Natarajan and Sugra Chunawala


Instructional Sequences: Confronting Conceptions of Learning & Teaching

Anjana Arora


Exploring the Structure of Knowledge Organisation in Physics Learning

Chandrika B.N. and Meera B.N.


Learning Mathematics and Language at the Same Time: An Initial Theorisation

Richard Barwell


Preparing Student Teachers to Teach Mathematics in Local Languages: Whose Responsibility?

Nancy Chitera


Textbook: A Source of Students' Misconceptions at the Secondary School Level

Narendra D. Deshmukh and Veena M. Deshmukh


An Analysis of Graphs in School Textbooks

Amit Dhakulkar and Nagarjuna G.


Multiple Choice Questions and Interview as a Combined Tool for Unravelling Students' Cognitive Processes in Physics

Balasubrahmanya Hegde and Meera B.N.


Science Talk in the Inquiry Classroom: An Analysis of Teachers' Questions and Purposes

Aisha Kawalkar and Jyotsna Vijapurkar


An Analysis of Growth of Knowledge Based on Concepts and Predicates-A Preliminary Study

Meena Kharatmal and Nagarjuna G.


A Pedagogic Experiment in Physics and Language-Art Linkage Through Acrostic Verses at the High School Level: An Action Research

Lalit Kishore


Connectivism - A Breakthrough from the Traditional Learning Theories

Amarendra Narayan and Namita Kumari


Using Diagrams as an Effective Pedagogic Tool in Elementary Astronomy

Shamin Padalkar and Jayashree Ramadas


Students' Understanding of Irrational Numbers

Revathy Parameswaran


Students' Understanding of Thermal Equilibrium

Shirish R. Pathare and Hemachandra C. Pradhan


Assisting Learners to Construct Understanding

Satyawati Rawool


Placing Information on Pegs of Time: How to Use What We Know About Serial Order Memory for Better Representation and Retrieval of Knowledge

Shriradha Sengupta


Effectiveness of Pictorial Concept Mapping in the Teaching of Science

Bijoy K. Thomas and Geeta R. Thakur


Raising Students' Cognitive Skills, Extending Level of Textbook Questions: Can We Do Both?

Usha Viswanathan and Sahana Murthy


Giraffes Don't Stretch Their Necks Any More: Useful Pieces of Knowledge About Natural Selection

Aditi Wagh and Uri Wilensky


Critical Literacy in Math and Science

Laraine Wallowitz, Mary Elizabeth de Freitas, Tracy Hogan and Robert Linne


Strategies to Promote the Introduction of Dialogic Teaching in Multilingual Mathematics Classes

Lyn Webb and Paul Webb


Implications of Cognitive Studies for Teaching Physics Problem-Solving: A Review

Lakhan Lal Yadav

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